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Bilingualism and Immersion Method

Jump Bilingual Kindergarten follows the Immersion Method

This is rated as the most successful way of learning a second language. Immersion means being submerged or surrounded by something. In this case the language being learnt is consistently used every day in the centre alongside the first language.


Bilingualism develops more easily, the earlier the second language is introduced. A child's brain is attuned to language acquisition and development. It is capable of registering, processing and sorting the various sounds, rhythms and structures. Children are able to pick up a second language in exactly the same way as they learnt their first. They just need "talking role models".


Consequently, there are native speakers or those with near-native competencies working in Jump Bilingual Kindergarten. The native speaker educators convey the country's culture both through and alongside the language. It is only these educators who use the second language when talking with the children. This satisfies the basic principle of "one person-one language". There is no mixing of languages as the children have clearly identifiable people for each language.

Bilingual Education
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