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Jump Bilingual Kindergarten Concept

All Kindergartens of Berlin follow the rules in following order according to law:

-  UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

- Constitution of German Federal Republic

- Sozialgesetzbuch VIII – Kinder- und Jugendhilfe

- Berlin specific: Berlin Educational Program.

- Jump Concept based on Berlin Educational Program.

Jump Bilingual Kindergarten is a bilingual, English-German Kindergarten

A bilingual education creates more cultural opportunities. A major advantage of attending a bilingual school is that you get to meet with people from different backgrounds. Learning about other cultures is important for children and helps them to understand the world around them. We create the setting for growing up and learning in an international, tolerant, progressive, peaceful and caring environment.

Jump Concept is based on Berlin Educational Program.

Focal points in young children’s education
 are the six pillars of the Berlin Early Years Programme.

They are combined in five educational areas of Jump Bilingual Kindergarten.

Jump Bilingual Kindergarten follows a partially Open concept throughout the day.

The partially open concept is a positive possibility in the sense of our educational work and the development of the room space according to the concept.

For children, the rooms of our kindergarten are an important place of daily life, laughter and learning, in which they spend a considerable amount of time each day during at least four years.

Children are allowed to go on a discovery tour - inside and outside - in our kindergarten, they are allowed to visit their friends in the home groups and can participate in the various activities across the groups, when the time for open work is set up. 

To offer our children a wide range of diverse and differentiated experiences, we provide them with versatile play and learning areas in our kindergarten. Our group rooms are tailored to the very different needs of children. Within the function rooms there are various learning areas to develop different skills like, mathematics, language, sensory trays, etc. In the sense of self-education of children, we do not want to limit them in their spaces, in their choice of games and materials.

Function Rooms

  • Dramatic Play Room

  • Science Room

  • Language Room/Library

  • Multifunctional Room

  • Sport/Music Room/Sleeping

  • Art/Cafeteria Room

Settling in our Kindergarten: Important background information

The Settling In Process is designed to ensure that your child is given as much time as needed to feel happy and confident with us. For some children, especially those who have attended an early learning center before, the settling period could be quite brief. For many, it will take a few weeks for your child to connect with their new teacher, environment and routine. To ensure that your child begins their experience here relaxed and ready to learn, we ask that one of your child’s main caregivers allow ample time – four weeks - to settle into the Kita.   

The first steps into a new world of life and experience in the kindergarten begin for your child.  

In our half-open concept, your child and accompanying caregiver will be working with one member of the teaching staff closely. Your child will get to know this particular teacher well, and eventually able to be comforted by her or him in the absence of family members.

In case of the absence, another colleague will take care of you and your child. All educational staff are very sensitive and observe very closely the needs of the children during the settling in  period.

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