Dear parents,

Thank you for your interest in Jump Bilingual Kindergarten.


We have completed our registrations for the day care year 2021-2022.

We have closed enrollment and will not keep a waiting list.


Registrations for the day care year 2022-2023 will start in February 2022.

Registration process for Jump Bilingual Kindergarten.

  • Please register your child for using our online registration form on our website.

  • Only online Registrations are accepted.

  • Please note we do not keep a waiting list. After our enrollment is complete, all the applications will be deleted due to the data safety law. 

  • Please understand, that applications from parents with unborn children cannot be accepted. Kindly submit an online application after the birth of your child.

  • Kita Voucher (Kitagutschein) is a must have to proceed with your application. No Applications will be processed without valid Kitagutschein Number.

  • We will inform only the short- listed families, if we can take new children this year. We will contact the families by phone or e-mail.

  • We have limited spaces; therefore, we cannot inform every registered family about the status by phone or e-mail. We appreciate your understanding.